A roman UK Pilot

Sometime prior to the establishment of the UKPA, in fact around 140 AD, a member of the Roman army of occupation army died near York. He was recorded as being an Ouse/Humber/Trent pilot. His headstone is in the York Museum and has the following inscription as follows:

Matribus Afris Italis Gallis Marcus Minucius Audens miles legionis VI Victricfs gubernator VI uofum solfut laetuslibens merffo. Translated:

To the African, Italian and Gallic Mother Goddesses Marcus Minucius Audens, soldier of the Sixth Legions Vitrix and a pilot of the Sixth Legion, Willingly, gladly and deservedly fulfilled his vow

Submitted by Harry Hignett

(Retired: Manchester)


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