Chairman’s Report: John Pearn




It is with great sadness that I find myself considering the consequences of another pilot fatality. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial Handover! John Clandillon-Baker


Members will be pleased to learn that the future of the magazine is assured, since Mike Robarts has agreed to take over from me as editor. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial: Summer 2013: John Clandillon-Baker

Following on from Jonathon Pearce’s DUKC ® feature in the Spring issue, on page 6 retired Southampton pilot, Nigel Allen, details how use of live Hydrographic and Meteorological data is now an essential element of everyday port operations. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial: Spring 2013. John Clandillon-Baker


So, despite a valiant campaign whereby the UKMPA executive and members wrote extensively to MP’s & Lords putting forward comprehensive professional arguments against the de-regulation of the PEC regime to allow any bona-fide  “deck officer”, rather than just the Master or First Mate, to obtain a Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC), the Marine Navigation (No.2) Bill has been passed without the amendments proposed by UKMPA Honorary President, Lord Tony Berkeley, to remove this clause. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial: A proud Maritime Nation?

The major issue currently affecting UK Pilotage is the Marine Navigation Bill (2) which is currently proceeding through the Parliamentary process, as detailed in Don Cockrill’s Chairman’s report Read the rest of this entry »


The hosting of the 2012 IMPA Congress in London by the UKMPA at the end of September was a once in career event and thanks to the brilliant organisation skills of the organising committee, in particular John Pearn & Don Cockrill, the event was a fantastic success.  Read the rest of this entry »


Very Damning Revelations!

This issue contains outline detail of the many interesting and varied topics covered during the UKMPA conference in May. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial April 2012: Passage Meanderings

Within this issue there are many references to passage planning in pilotage waters. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial: January 2012

As I am concluding this issue the loss of  the Costa Concordia continues to dominate the headlines. Read the rest of this entry »

Editorial Autumn 2011

Early this century the humble vowel “e” along with its companion “i” emerged from being just another letter in the alphabet to become a symbol of all that was thrusting and modern to the extent where politicians are now offering us e-government through e-petitions. The world of navigation has not escaped this utopian world of e and so we also have e-navigation. Read the rest of this entry »

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