Commendation: Tristan Gurd, Falmouth Pilot by Mike Robarts


M.V Kuzma Minin: Image Courtesy: Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team

The Chairman in his report noted the brave efforts of Pilot Tristan Gurd in the rescue of the vessel M.V Kuzma Minin and her crew.

Whilst on duty Tristan was called in the early hours of the morning 18 th December 2018 and informed that the M.V Kuzma Minin was having serious problems and had grounded on Gyllyngvase beach. He was dispatched on the pilot boat to make an assessment of the situation. Through his experience, on sighting the vessel it became clear to him that the vessel had grounded on a reef area between Gyllyngvase and Swanpool beaches. The weather had deteriorated and a storm force Nine

was now taking effect. Even in these hostile conditions the pilot boat crew attempted to get Tristan onboard, but unfortunately failed, though after numerous attempts. The situation was dangerous. The Falmouth harbourmaster when appraised of the situation arranged for a helicopter to take the pilot from a local rugby ground and winch him onboard the ship.

As the operation unfolded local tugs were called in and Tristan made a further assessment of the situation. With a forecast break in the weather and tide on the rise to high water, he decided to attempt to refloat the ship off the reef area. Assistance was given him by several tugs, some from neighbouring ports.

The refloat was successful after the crews attached towlines in what can only be described as atrocious conditions. This combined effort resulted in a successful team operation. The Kuzma Minin refloated was towed to a safer anchorage for inspection.

Also noted for their efforts in the rescue operation are Brendon Rowe of the tug Diccon Rogers and the crews of the A&P tugs.

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