Non Routine Pilotage Acts: Mike Robarts

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No, it’s not a shore silo but a flettner Rotor foremast!

Pilots are used to the next pilotage order being given, however some are involved in projects which could be seen as non-routine acts of pilotage, which require some more thought and plenty of planning. The challenges of a ‘non routine’ act of pilotage can be; different ship type, a high profile ship which attracts media attention or just completely different!

Great Yarmouth Pilot Lindsey Wigmore had a normal ship just with a modification to test green energy. The M.V Fehn Pollux foremast is in fact a Flettner Rotor designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.


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At Lowestoft the marine team and pilots had to plan a rather large move. A module for the Culzean offshore field which had to move from her berth at the port of Lowestoft out to sea to her project area. This was in fact the largest shipment the port had handled. It involved multiple vessels and a lot of planning.


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