Pilots’ Golfing Society


Last September (2011) the UK pilots held their meeting at Worsley Park, Manchester.  With new shirts, kindly  sponsored by the Milford Haven Port Authority, eighteen pilots from the Tees, Forth, Milford Haven, Manchester and  Humber (retired) had three days of golf in good weather. The winners were: (left to right)

P Eaton (Manchester): Nearest Pin, M. Cramond (Forth): Milford Cup,   C. Harding  (Milford Haven)  Hawkestone cup. Wilmslow cup & Jim Purvis  shield.  G Hutchison  (Forth)  Wilmslow cup  R Smith (Tees)  Pilots cup.


The next meeting will be at Breadsall Priory, Derbyshire in May

September’s meeting will be at Cally Palace, Scotland.

Details: Peter Ryder: Tel 01646 600711 or  Email:  pilotlight10@hotmail.com.

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