Section Committee work

Section Committee’s work

Joe Wilson (Tees): Amendments to the Pilotage Act.

John Pretswell (Forth): Preparing the budget

Geoff Taylor (Tees): As acting President of

IMPA, Geoff’s workload had increased enormously but Geoff had been tireless in attending meetings and seminars around the world promoting the pilotage agenda and making important contacts. Due to his forthcoming retirement Geoff has now stood down from the Section committee.

Peter Wylie (Tees): Was elected as representative

for region 3 at the conference.

Don Cockrill (London): Had also been

tenacious in working with the MCA, DfT and pushing the agenda on pilots National Occupational Standards (NOS) on the PMSC working group.

Dave Devey (Liverpool): Attended the

Harbour Master meetings and was assisting Joe on amendments to the Pilotage Act.  David had also been working on preparations for Kristian Pederson’s claim against ABP for unfair dismissal.

Paul Haysom (Great Yarmouth): Paul had

worked throughout the year in finalizing a new insurance policy to replace the Navigators & General insurance cover that had been withdrawn in 2004.

John Pearn (Milford Haven): Has replaced Kristian Pederson and is responsible for overseeing technical and training issues.  John has also agreed to take over the EMPA brief from Les when Les’ term ended in 2007.


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