You will recall that last year I featured the rescue and restoration of the rotting hulk of the old Trinity House cruising cutter “Bembridge” by the Polish shipping logistics group, Magemar. (Read the post here) This project was very much driven by one of the Magemar managers, Rafal Zahorski, who has not only overseen the restoration but has also been scouring the world for authentic fixtures and fittings to restore the 70 year old vessel to her former glory. But that is not all, because such is Rafal’s enthusiasm for this vessel and all that it stood for, he has also been collecting artefacts in order to create a museum to be open at weekends and holidays when the office is shut. The latest news is that the restoration is nearing completion and the museum is now open, complete with authentic engine sounds recorded from a tug! If you have any Trinity House documentation or artefacts that you no longer have a use for please contact Rafal:

For the complete restoration story visit: and type “Bembridge” in the “search” box. You will ned to register to view the photographs but registration is free.


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January 25th, 2012 at 20:39

I would like once again thank to John and The Pilot for your kind interest in our vessel and project. Now we are working with her Museum. Museum exposition will be strict related to Pilot activity of Trinity House London and her builders – so Smith’s Dock Co. Ltd, Additionally whole exposition will be divided into a sections – each dedicated to one owner. Of course Trinity House London will be a first part of our exposition – they were owners of Bembridge from her very beginning so 1938 till the end of 1970. We have already many retired Pilots helping us really a lot. You can see them here: Using an occasion I would like to say great thanks to Hugh Ferguson, Andrew Adams, David Burdett, and to our last joining us David Gordon Jones. Without their help our today progress with knowledge of Bembridge and pilotage history will be impossible. It is good to have a perfect friends who are helping us.

We are looking for everything about Pilot activity of Trinity House and Trinity House London – so even light houses and other their activity.

The most wanted are human stories and generally stories about above. We do not need even originals – good scans of: documents, photos and others are enough for us. If anybody of you will decide to sent us originals that it will be displayed in our Museum with a name of a person who made a donation to Bembridge.

We are inviting anybody to give us information about Trinity House Pilots. Most of them are today on “constant watch” but we intend to make for them a place in internet on where we can place their biography pictures and stories. For many of them (today only families) it will be nice to be remembered on board of the last living Cruising Pilot Cutter of Trinity House London.

Any help is more than wanted. Please remember – time is running very fast, in many cases much to fast. Every day somebody is leaving us, every day your memory is more empty, every day we are losing a lot what can be saved.

We are now looking for a data concerning WW II and participation of Trinity House London in any activity concerning WW II.

Great thanks in advance for your kind help what we always have.

Best greeting Rafal and whole new crew of that last pilot cutter Bembridge – preserved for future generations in the same sense like your memory should be.

November 22nd, 2013 at 12:15

We are looking for everything about Mr. Harold Oliver. Who can help us to update his page:

is more than welcome.

Any stories about Harold, any scans of documents or photos, any facts not placed already or anything more or anything new please do not hesitate to contact us: Many thanks in advance for any kind help permitting us to memorise this great man.

Best regards from board of THPV Bembridge Rafal and whole Polish crew.

August 29th, 2014 at 20:26

Here is a virtual tour around and inside of THPV Bembridge


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